tipsheetCheck out the following tipsheets and links we have received so far. Speakers, if you have a tipsheet for your session at IJAsia14, send us a digital copy at and we’ll post it! Conference participants can check them out in advance or refer to them after the conference.

From Internet research specialist Paul Myers, who also works for BBC, his Research Clinic site features links, tools, and study materials for investigating your subject. At the conference, Myers will speak on Internet Detective: Digging Out Hidden Info Online and Using Social Media for Investigative Reports.

Fundraising: A Primer for Journalists, by Bridget Gallagher

Funding Your Investigation, the presentation by Bridget Gallagher

David Schraven: How to run an investigation

Weng Paraan: Safety for journalists

Umar Cheema: Unmasking tax evasion

Kim Yong Jin: Off shore Intro, Major Reports, Off Shore Secrets

Helium Scraper

Social and mobile media for investigative journalism.

Importing PDFs – an overview of good tools for importing PDFs


Tips from Nils Mulvad on Collaboration tools (Google Docs)

Handout from Gail Tan on Google Tools

Two step verification





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